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What is mediation and how does it work?

An impartial third party provides a channel for discussion and negotiation when communication is difficult or trust has broken down.  Mediation works with you to reach an agreement acceptable to everyone.  It can address both the issues, and the relationship if need be.

If you have been unsuccessful in raising an issue with someone you may feel stressed and be facing an unappealing choice of whether to give up or spend an unpredictable amount on a solicitor.  The good news is there is a different way to handle a dispute.  

Mediation is a quicker process than going to court. It is also more flexible because law does not recognise all the issues arising between neighbours.  The other problem is that legal judgements never repair relations.  That said, trying mediation does not prevent you from using other procedures later if no agreement is reached. All mediation negotiations are conducted on a “without prejudice” basis.

Would you like to discuss your problem straightforwardly in a supportive environment?  Do you need an outcome that is realistic for you and which the other person is willing to accept?  Does your problem fall outside legal help?

80% of joint meetings get agreement

Your settlement can be recorded by our service, and legally formalised afterwards by solicitors if parties want that.

Mediation can give you a way forward.  It’s a setting that enables everyone to talk in a responsible way, and have points of view understood and addressed.   The mediation process aids a fresh exploration of possibilities and practical negotiations.  While mediators support the meeting and exchange of information, you make your own decisions and so tailor an agreement to fit your specific circumstances.

Mediation is also private and our mediators keep your confidences.   We are separate from public agencies and other organisations who may be involved in your situation now or in future.  Your information is not shared with the other person, or third parties unless you give us permission. (It would only be in exceptional circumstances if a risk of serious harm to persons were evident that we might have to do so, as a duty of care).

Our community and neighbour service handles noise, harassment, verbal abuse, animals, parking, boundaries, high hedges and similar disputes.  It is FREE to local residents thanks to grants from your local council, housing and the police which allow us to help everyone regardless of their finances.

To use this service, simply make an appointment to meet us and describe your problem.  In this stage you get things off your chest, think about your options and weigh up the best way forward.  If you decide to try mediation, we will contact the other person (party) to see if they are willing to meet us in the same way.

When both of you see this opportunity to change a difficult situation we then organise a joint discussion and bring people together in a neutral venue.  These round table sessions get positive results.

80% of joint meetings get agreement!

Your settlement can be recorded by our service, and legally formalised afterwards by solicitors if parties want that.

Occasionally it is too difficult for people to meet face to face, though this can change.  If you are not yet ready to talk in person you may be able to begin indirectly, though us.  Simply get in touch to explore your options.

We also have two paid-for specialist services:

  1. Family mediation for couples who are permanently separating and who need to divide property, financial assets and make arrangements for children.
  2. Workplace mediation for conflicts at work

What is Neighbourhood Mediation