The common sense answer to neighbour problems

If you are struggling with a neighbour issue and looking for positive change, keep calm and ask for our help.  It’s never too late to take a fresh approach. Mediation is a straightforward way to end disagreements and turn awkward situations around. It’s recommended by Citizens’ Advice, police, councils and housing agencies.  Even judges say it should be your first resort in civil matters. Skilled help is available through our community charity.  If you live anywhere in East Surrey contact us today.

Typical neighbour issues

Noise, harassment, verbal abuse, animals, parking and antisocial behaviour are typical of problems that can be brought to mediation.  Eight out of 10 disputants who get round the table in mediation will resolve their problems.

Mediation enables you to reach an agreement acceptable to everyone.  It can address both the issues, and the relationship if need be.

An impartial third party provides a channel when communication is difficult or trust has broken down.

Mediation is a quicker process than going to court. It is also more flexible because law does not recognise all the issues arising between neighbours.  The other problem is that legal judgements never repair relations.  That said, trying mediation does not prevent you from using other procedures later if no agreement is reached. All mediation negotiations are conducted on a “without prejudice” basis.

“The mediators were fantastic. I’m very happy with the outcome.”
”The mediators’ patience and understanding brought a successful conclusion to a problem I thought would never be solved. The mediation was a lifeline in a difficult situation.”
“We now have a friendly, neighbourly relationship, which is what I was hoping for”
”Since mediation it’s been so much easier to discuss the height of the trees with them”
“Communication has moved up a notch, and things are much better. Thank you so much for your help”