We are, East Surrey Community Mediation, an independent charity set up in 1997 and run by volunteers with the backing of Reigate & Banstead Borough Council, and Surrey Police under Surrey County Council’s “Safer Surrey” scheme.

Our aims are

To provide for public benefit services of mediation, conciliation, dispute resolution or reconciliation between persons, organisations, authorities or within families or groups involved in dispute or inter-personal conflict both generally and, in particular where that dispute or conflict results from or may lead to acts of violence, nuisance, vandalism, racial abuse, sexual abuse, unlawful activity or breakdown of public order.

To promote education in such methods of mediation, in particular, understanding of the nature and causes of any such disputes or conflicts and of all means of managing them for purposes of peaceful resolution in the interests of good citizenship.

All our mediators are trained and may be accredited through the National Open College Network.  Some have specialist qualifications in family mediation, workplace mediation, inter-generational work with families and bodies such as CEDR (the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution).

Mediation Costs for our community in East Surrey

Our mediation service is free to residents of the Reigate & Banstead and Tandridge districts. This is possible thanks to the donation of time and skill by our volunteers, and grants from the two local councils as well as Surrey Police.  We also receive donations and occasional special grants from bodies such as the national Lottery.  We help anyone living in in our area, across all kinds of neighbourhoods and with problems small or large, new or long-running.

We provide great value to the community of East Surrey.  Compare our mediation service with some alternative providers:

A standard mediation of two assessment meetings and a joint negotiation can cost over £300 including

  • room hire
  • training new and existing mediators
  • mediators’ petrol
  • a part-time administrator
  • office IT, phones, stationery
  • publicity materials and our website

So contributions and donations are always welcome!

Our Surrey catchment area for community mediation and our address are shown below.  Services covering the rest of the county are listed underneath.Map of East Surrey

Our registered office is at The Woodhatch Community Centre, Whitebeam Drive, Reigate, Surrey RH2 7LS and our charity number is 1089436.

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