AGM 10 June 2013

2013-06-10 20.32.18 cropEast Surrey Community Mediation held Annual General Meeting on 10th of June 2013 at The Old Council Chamber, Town Hall, Castlefield Road in Reigate. The charity shared key findings and progress since the previous year and plans for the future.

Mr Kevin Hurley Police and Crime commissioner for Surrey was our Guest Speaker.

The audience included a number of ESCM volunteer mediators, representatives from Tandridge and Reigate&Banstead Council Offices, other Surrey mediation charities, Citizen’s Advice Bureau and well as Voluntary service offices. 2013-06-10 20.20.27 crop

Keith Stribblehill – Chair of the ESCM Trustees welcomed everyone and started the meeting by speaking about the core of what ESCM is doing and reporting on some key achievements and activities in 2012-13.

ESCM helped 4% more people (building on last year’s significant growth of 29%), trained 9 new mediators and began a mediator development programme that the service will continue to invest in. However, research shows that ESCM is only reaching 3% of the 7,500 households (1:12 of the 90,000 households in the area that ESCM covers) who are likely to be in dispute.

ESCM achievements were due to its adherence to its vision and priorities and by:

  • maintaining marketing programmes
  • recruiting a skilled marketer and a fund raiser
  • outsourcing its case management to provide more flexible support for ESCM mediators and referrers
  • moved to a paper-free environment

ESCM paid for this by:

  • cutting costs down to essentials – reducing 3 paid employees to 1 specialist contractor
  • increasing fund raising – 10% of income came from new grants
  • investing in its infrastructure – to increase awareness, improve quality and provide a growth structure without major costs implications

AGM 2013 001 crop Keith was followed by the speech from Mr Hurley, who explained what ‘ZERO TOLERANCE APPROACH TO POLICING’ means for Surrey.

“A relentless focus on those who blight our lives: anti-social louts, violent bullies, burglars and those who deal drugs to our young people. We will seize the profits of their crime.”

To deliver against this commitment there are 6 clear priorities for Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner:

  1. Zero Tolerance to ASB / violent bullies / burglars and those who deal drugs to our young people

Zero tolerance means not ignoring things – dealing with it and not walking by. All agencies can make a difference. Mr Hurley is looking for a measured approach to any group of people causing problems, e.g. mature adults, young men or teenagers. Using the most appropriate response in relation to the offence but escalating as necessary. Zero tolerance is also about working with volunteers to get the best out of resources available.

  1. More visible street policing – seizing assets of crime to pay for this
  2. Put victims at the centre of the Criminal Justice System – the CJS forgets the victim
  3. Give public a greater say in how they are policed – local policing panels, crime summits, Twitter and Facebook
  4. Protect your local policing – to back and support the police who are damned if they do and damned if they don’t
  5. Uncompromising standards – police robustly doing their job

 Upload 110613 098 cropJohn Whetsel’s presentation focused on East Surrey Community Mediation Service’s activities and plans for 2013-14:

  • To help 20% more people than we did last year
  • Make more people aware of mediation as an option – new ‘My Neighbour’ website
  • Develop self-help tools to assist people earlier in the dispute process – looking for a business partner
  • Recruit another 8 mediators – it costs ca. £500 to train each mediator
  • Continue ESCMs the mediator’s professional development programme – delivered through monthly mediator meetings
  • Keeping to the 2016+ Vision
  • Further develop partnerships:

Need to further develop

  • Links with Citizen Advice Bureaus, Housing Associations, Volunteer Centres and Local Authority Departments
  • Implementation of the case admin system – ‘TRIO’, which will support mediator activity, a quality  framework and case management
  • Consult with advisers to the charity

If you would like to know more about ESCM plans please contact us on telephone number 02081445612, via post P.O. Box 187, Reigate, Surrey, RH2 0FT or send us an email: