Become a volunteer mediator

The next Community Mediation foundation training is scheduled for late 2017:  and will run over three weekends 23rd, 24th September; 7th, 8th October and 14th, 15th October.

What is mediation?

Mediation is a process which helps people in conflict with one another to resolve their differences.  Typical disputes arise from issues such as noise, high hedges, inconsiderate parking, boundary problems and anti-social behaviour.  Police often get called to this type of incident and they quickly refer it to mediation.

What do mediators do?

Mediators meet people in their own homes to understand what has happened and what they want to happen. Mediators can then help people work towards a resolution that is acceptable to all, meeting in a neutral venue.  In this process, mediators avoid taking sides, making judgements or giving guidance.  Instead they listen carefully, ask questions to clarify and challenge assumptions, and they manage the process.

Who becomes a mediator?

Mediators come from different backgrounds and bring different experiences.  What they share is a quiet confidence, calmness and open-mindedness.  They are able to listen intently and communicate clearly.  They inspire trust and maintain confidentiality.

What training is required?

We provide suitable candidates with training which can be accredited by the Open College Network.  The foundation course takes place over three (non-residential) weekends.  If you already have relevant experience or qualifications we would be pleased to hear from you.

Find out more

This voluntary opportunity is stimulating and satisfying.  It does however require a commitment to several hours casework per month over two years.  It may not be practical for you if you are working full time or if you do not have your own transport.  However, more flexible opportunities exist from time to time in supporting our work, in PR, marketing, trusteeship and IT, so please get in touch if these are your skill areas.  Return this form to us by email or post: volunteer-application-form-092017