ESCM rebrands its service and launches a new website


East Surrey-based My Neighbour – Free Mediation Service has launched its new website

My Neighbour is the core service of East Surrey Community Mediation Charity, providing independent, impartial and confidential mediation service available to anyone within the local community in dispute – principally with neighbours or others living nearby.

We suggest mediation as the first option in the resolution of disputes, whatever the issue, and promote its use in all areas of community life.

As a consequence, the Service (one of six in Surrey and several hundred similar throughout the UK) is a valuable resource and support to individuals as well as statutory bodies including Local Authorities, Housing Providers and the Police.  Citizens’ Advice Bureaux and Solicitors also suggest our service.

The new website is user friendly and can be easily viewed on mobile devices. However the main objective of the new site was to make sure that individuals as well as key referring bodies (e.g. local authorities) can easily find us, contact us and also see straight away what and how we can help them.

The new website, only after a couple of weeks of being active, has a prominent position on the main search engine – Google (no 1 on the 1st page if one searches for ‘neighbour dispute surrey’).  The charity has also created a twitter account (@myneighbour) and is in the process of designing a facebook page.

Through the new design and content on the website, My Neighbour was very keen to demonstrate the benefits of the mediation principles; explain the process as well as the variety and complexity of the issues they are dealing with. It was also important to showcase the impact of its support and to share the key initiatives the charity is undertaking.

Last but not least, in line with the objectives included in the charity constitution, the website is promoting the concept of good neighbours through a specifically designed page that gives hints and tips on what is the best practise in neighbourly relations.

To search the new website and find out more about the support and service that My Neighbour can provide, please visit

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